"Green Week - One Small Act"

"NBC Universal challenged MPC to help tranform people’s green behaviours from momentary fads into sustainable lifestyle changes. We created a platform that helped demonstrate how simple, small acts can add up to a bigger collective impact."

"By visualizing user’s pledges as beautiful, iconic garden elements, then placing those elements into a growing virtual landscape, we exhibited organic infographic art for an audience both online and at a branded activation in Philidelphia for Earth Day 2012."

Custom Unity3D software grows a virtual 3D garden infront of the audience in real time on a projection mapped alleyway in downtown Philidelphia. A custom tiled server and distributed rendering farm also built in Unity3D allow the garden to be explored online at any time in any detail.

Built at MPC in collaboration with Neil Voss, Skye Book, and Brian Chasalow

Images and text courtesy of MPC Digital